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is starting again...

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Name:Knight of Ceiphied
Birthdate:Oct 30
Location:Virginia, United States of America
INTJ. Scorpio. Hufflepuff. Cosplayer. Meat Popsicle. Probably an android.

Small and bitter, like a human espresso. Fueled by fury and spite.

I love TV and animation, and I watch a lot of sci-fi and fantasy! I will also watch almost anything with superheroes in it. I have been reading comics since the 80s...first Uncle Scrooge and that sort of thing, then DC, Marvel, Chaos!Comics, etc.

Fandoms: Star Trek, Once Upon a Time, Disney, Slayers, The Walking Dead, Yuri!!! on Ice, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Miraculous Ladybug, Danny Phantom, Batman (currently Gotham), and the MCU.

I enjoy playing dress-up, but I don't take it very seriously. I've been cosplaying since my first Star Trek con in 1995 when I had no idea what it was or what I was doing. Currently, I participate in a lot of conventions on the East Coast as a panelist or staffer, as well as still cosplaying from time to time.

I have a pretty significant chronic pain condition, plus anxiety and depression, but I do my best to push through it all and not let it control me.

I'm a little bit of a Disney princess who loves everything pink and glittery, and collects teddy bears and dolls. But I'm also a little bit of a spoopy person who loves dark imagery, gothic romanticism, true crime, and visiting cemeteries. I also enjoy Renaissance Festivals, and probably spend way too much of my time there every year. I'm also a novice ice skater, and I look forward to taking that as far as I can go.


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